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Māori Futuremakers

As part of our action to encourage youth into science and technology based careers, we will continue to support the Māori Futuremakers website, which profiles Māori and whānau in non-traditional knowledge intensive sectors.

What is the Māori Futuremakers website?

The Māori Futuremakers website profiles 30 inspirational Māori with specialist skills and capabilities who are studying, employed or self-employed in primary, knowledge intensive and growth industries such as sciences, engineering, construction, communications, architecture and agriculture.

Through the use of video and text, these exceptional role models share personal success stories about the study pathways they pursued to achieve success as well as their educational achievements, skills, experience and professional opportunities.

An additional 15 profiles showcase ‘Whānau Futuremakers’ – Māori families in business who share and reflect on how they have used their collective resources to realise their economic potential through business and enterprise.

In the video interviews, the experiences of each family is explored – from the highs and lows to the challenges and achievements – in the hope that their personal stories inspire and motivate other whānau to consider pooling their skills and knowledge.

The Māori Futuremakers website is aimed at encouraging Māori to pursue higher levels of education, training, employment, enterprise and innovation by supporting students and whānau to make more informed decisions about education, training and careers.

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