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Ambassadorship programme

The Ambassadorship programme provides peer support, mentorship and a community of practice for those who want to explore community-driven research and engagement.

AmbassadorsParticipants of Curious Minds-funded projects have been appointed as ambassadors to share their stories and expert advice with others.

People wanting to run community science/technology research and engagement projects now have peer support, mentorship and a community of practice that they can tap into.

All the ambassadors are also keen to share their knowledge about and enthusiasm for science engagement with others – including communities who want to learn from the ambassadors' experiences.

The ambassadors are available to participate in events/activities anywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • a Skype/Zoom connection into a classroom or community group;
  • judging a local or school event;
  • providing mentorship;
  • attending an workshop, conference or event about outreach, science communication or participatory science;
  • giving a talk about their work, an area of research, public engagement or participatory science.