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Gustavo Olivares

Gustavo is a scientist who is passionate about collaborating to solve air pollution.

Gustavo OlivaresGustavo grew up in Santiago (Chile) knowing that the view of the Andes on a winter morning is one of the most beautiful sights to see. But in reality the air pollution was so bad that the mountains weren’t visible for most of the season. This made air pollution a personal issue for Gustavo.

Gustavo started his journey into science by nearly burning his room at least twice, thanks to flammable wooden floors, and blowing his house circuits a few times when trying to build a laser out of a strobe light and some gallium (his tip: don't!).

When someone told him that the atmosphere is just a giant reactor and that we don’t quite know all the details of yet, Gustavo decided that chemical engineering was the way to go.

Over the years Gustavo has worked in Chile, Sweden and New Zealand. His work has involved simulating the fate of emissions from copper smelters, measuring tiny particles in the streets, estimating the size of the particles emitted by cars and wood stoves, and designing and developing instruments and measurement platforms to capture more information about our air and making them more accessible to everyone - even for people who are not researchers.

Gustavo believes that by making his science more available to everyone, people much smarter than him can see links that he can’t, and people much more powerful than he can act so that everyone can can see their mountains all the time.

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