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Request an ambassador

Request an ambassador to take part in your event or activity.

If you would like to request our ambassadors, please email Victoria Metcalf with the following details:

  • Which ambassador/s you would like to request

  • What is required of the ambassador/s. Examples include:
    • giving a talk
    • providing mentorship
    • judging an event/activity
    • Skyping/Zooming into a school/community group session
  • Why the event/activity is happening (i.e. the purpose)

  • When the event/activity is happening

  • Where the event/activity is happening

  • Who it is for (e.g. students, scientists, hapū whānau)

  • Who it is being run by (e.g. rōpu/group, school, social club, business)

  • The name, organisation and email address of the person to be contacted regarding the request.

Please include all the above information so that we can do our best to help you.