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Professional learning and development

Currently the Ministry of Education provides professional learning and development with a focus on the science learning area of The New Zealand Curriculum.  It places a clear focus on the learning of science through the Nature of Science strand.

For primary schools

Professional learning and development in science explores:

  • Teachers’ existing beliefs about science teaching and learning.
  • The purpose of science in The New Zealand Curriculum.
  • What it means to be a scientifically literate citizen.
  • What a functional understanding of the nature of science might look like.
  • How existing resources can be adapted to refocus science education.
  • The relationship between the science learning area, the key competencies and the vision of the New Zealand curriculum.

The outcomes for students are that they will develop their understanding about science, learn about investigating in science, develop their ability to communicate in scientific ways and bring a scientific perspective to decisions and actions as appropriate.

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For secondary schools

Professional Learning and Development support also provides support for departmental planning and implementation that ensures schools become confident in designing engaging Year 11 Science programmes, derived from The New Zealand Curriculum Science Learning Area with a Nature of Science focus.

Related information

Key resources used by PLD providers and teachers are available at: