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Science education leadership coordination

We are reviewing and evaluating the pilot of the Science Education Leadership and Coordination role for merit to expand.

From April to October 2014, the Royal Society of New Zealand managed a pilot programme for the Ministry of Education aimed at:

  • Improving the quality and range of science education opportunities available for students to engage with real-life science learning, of relevance to them and their communities, in order to bring about improved valued outcomes for learners.
  • Creating a supportive science education infrastructure (including navigating and connecting the wider science education community).

Much of the thinking behind this pilot is encapsulated in the following report:

Community photo.

Reflections from the Science Education and Leadership Coordination role have informed the design of the Teachers in Industry programme.

Latest update

Part of the pilot resulted in a simple, searchable, website of local science providers using the Nature of Science Strand of the Science curriculum as a forming guide. Science Education Leadership and Co-Ordination Otago proved to be a very popular tool by both Otago teachers and providers and its continuation, in some form, was requested.