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Resources for Projects

Materials to help Curious Minds funded project teams set up, manage and evaluate their activities, and to help potential project teams prepare for funding opportunities.

New/current projects

If you currently manage or are about to begin a project funded through Unlocking Curious Minds or the Participatory Science Platform, these materials can help you align expectations from start to finish. 

Survey guidelines

Surveying guidelines [DOC]

To help you manage the ethical and confidentiality issues that can arise from feedback surveys etc.

brand guideline

Brand guidelines [PDF]

To help you know where to put our logo and what formats to use.

Curious Minds logo kit  [ZIP 16MB]

Downloadable pack [ZIP 16 MB] of logo formats to use in your documentation and marketing. 

Signing form 

Photo consent guidelines [DOC]

To help you get permission from participants (if adult) or their parents that allows you and us to use and share photographs/videos of your project with others.

Applying for funding

If you have an idea for a project and are thinking about applying for Unlocking Curious Minds funding, these downloadable resources from the 2017 application round may help you prepare for the next opportunity (although future criteria may differ):


Background information

See how your project fits into New Zealand's science, society and investment strategies:

A Nation of Curious Minds

A Nation of Curious Minds [PDF]

New Zealand's national strategic plan for science in society.

National Statement of Science Investment

National Statement of Science Investment [PDF]

How New Zealand is aiming for a highly dynamic science system that enriches all our lives.

If you have any questions, please email