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What's happening in your area?

Discover what’s happening  near you. There are opportunities to get involved in research, awards to apply for, conferences and workshops to get along to, and fun activities for schools and families.


Ask me a question!


Until October, primary school students (up to Year 8) have the opportunity to have our experts answer their questions! Each month there is a different topic, ranging from space/astronomy to globalisation.

Our experts will then select two questions per week to answer, and these will be posted on the Royal Society of New Zealand website and sent out to schools around the country.

For May, the topic is...

Physical World  

For this, your question can be about forces, motion, gravity, magnetism, light, sound, waves, or electricity.

Examples could be: 'How does an aeroplane stay in the air?’ or ‘Why does snow fall more slowly than rain?’

Send your questions by 24 April to make sure they're in the bag in time for the experts to choose from!

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NZ wide (only)


Send your question by Fri 24 Apr

Who for:

Primary school children

NZ wide (only)

Jane Goodall tour


Dr. Jane Goodall will share information about the work of the Jane Goodall Institute, which - after 40 years - continues her pioneering research at Gombe, and is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and other wildlife.

Dr. Goodall also began Roots & Shoots, the Institute’s global programme that empowers young people to identify issues in their local communities or worldwide, and truly help to make a difference for people, animals and the environment we all share.

In her talk, Dr. Goodall will discuss the current threats facing the planet and her five reasons for hope in these complex times, encouraging everyone in the audience to do their part to make a positive difference each and every day.

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Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, Otago
NZ wide (only)


Sun 25 Jun - Sat 1 Jul

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NZ wide (only)


Citizen Science

Help scientists find out what's going on in New Zealand's wild world!

Join NatureWatchNZ and use its website or app to find a project and record how many animals or plants you see relating to that project!

Here's some can watch out for:

Stink bugs (baddies we don't want - keep an eye out!)
Native orchids
NZ Butterflies and their caterpillars
Plants and animals important to Māori
Large brown seaweeds
Little blue penguins
Invasive weeds
New Zealand fur seals


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Now & ongoing

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